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Generate OpenBLT Quote

If you are interested in obtaining pricing information for the OpenBLT commercial license, you can fill out the form on this page. After submitting the form, a quote is automatically generated and offered to you as a download in the PDF format. Besides pricing information, the quote contains purchasing instructions as well.

OpenBLT Commercial License

The commercial license is tied to a specific microcontroller family. With the commercial license, you can use the bootloader on as many products that your company produces, which are based on the microcontroller family for which the commercial license was ordered. Please select the microcontroller family you intend to use.

Microcontroller family:

The delivery of your bootloader package consists of the OpenBLT bootloader sources, without any references to the GNU GPL v3. It includes detailed getting started documentation and demo programs. Please select the software development environment you would like us to use, while preparing your demo programs.

Software development environment:

Please select the communication media you intend to use for firmware updates. We will preconfigure your demo programs accordingly.

Microcontroller family:
Software development environment:
Communication interface:

Remove this microcontroller family

OpenBLT Add-on Modules

The OpenBLT add-on modules extend the functionality of the base bootloader. All add-on modules are independent of the microcontroller family and therefore only need to be ordered once. Please select the add-on modules that you are interested in.

This module calculates and verifies the checksum over your firmware’s entire code, as opposed to just a small part in the case of OpenBLT’s default checksum mechanism. With this module you can be assured that the bootloader only starts your firmware when all the bits of the firmware’s code are correct in flash memory.
This module enables you to encrypt the program code of your firmware file. During a firmware update, your program code is communicated in the encrypted format and decryption takes place right before it is written to flash memory. You no longer have to worry about an unwanted third party reverse engineering your firmware, if they get a hold of your firmware file or monitor the communication stream during a firmware update.
This module makes it possible to update both the master and the slave(s) in a master/slave system. A connection-mode parameter makes it possible to select either the master or a slave for the firmware update. When a slave is selected, the gateway is activated, allowing the firmware update communication to reach the slave through the master.

OpenBLT Maintenance and Support

We offer an annual maintenance and support contract, so you can be certain there is always someone available to answer your questions and solve your bootloader related problems.

This item entitles your company to priority technical support for the duration of one year. Additionally, you can request your previously delivered OpenBLT bootloader package to be upgraded to a later version of the OpenBLT bootloader, up to two times during the year.

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Feaser is a provider of products and engineering services for microcontroller based embedded systems. We develop and maintain the open source OpenBLT bootloader and are known for creating innovative and customer oriented solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

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