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OpenBLT Integration, Customization and Support

OpenBLT Services

Bootloader Integration

The goal of the bootloader integration service is to provide you with a bootloader software package that runs directly on your microcontroller board. All the porting is done by us. We know the internal workings of the bootloader by heart. Letting us handle the bootloader integration for you saves you time, manpower and consequently budget.

The integration of the OpenBLT bootloader consists of configuring the bootloader for your microcontroller board, creating demonstration programs and writing getting started documentation. Typically, you send us your microcontroller board and we perform the bootloader integration at our location. If desired, we can also visit you at your location and perform the bootloader integration on-site.

The only task left for you is making minor adjustments in your proprietary firmware, for making it work in combination with the bootloader. This step is detailed in the getting started documentation.

Bootloader Customization

One of the benefits of an open source bootloader is that you are free to modify it. If the OpenBLT bootloader does not yet fit your needs, you can simply change or extend its functionality.

At Feaser we are specialized in bootloaders and prepared numerous customized bootloaders for clients over the past years. Consider outsourcing your bootloader customization task to us. Based on your input, we capture your customization requests into a requirements specification. Once the requirements are known, we provide you with a competitive quote for your tailor-made bootloader.

Examples of customizations we performed in the past for our clients:

  • Broadcast communication protocol for updating multiple devices in one go.
  • Integration of proprietary encryption algorithms for protecting the bootloader against unwanted firmware updates from third parties.
  • Development and integration of a customized or proprietary communication protocol.
  • Development of a custom firmware update tool for seamless integration with an existing tool infrastructure.
  • Adding support for external memory devices.

Feel free to contact us (Contact Feaserinfo@feaser.com) and discuss your bootloader customization ideas.

Professional Support

We offer an annual maintenance and support contract, so you can be certain there is always someone available to answer your questions and solve your bootloader related problems.

It entitles you to technical support via e-mail to assist you with using the bootloader. Additionally, it includes updating to the latest OpenBLT version upon your request, if we performed a bootloader integration or customization for you or if you obtained a commercially licensed version.

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About Feaser

Feaser is a provider of products and engineering services for microcontroller based embedded systems. We develop and maintain the open source OpenBLT bootloader and are known for creating innovative and customer oriented solutions that are delivered on time and within budget.

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